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List of Casting Recipe from plundering NPC Fleet

The (*) Means that Investment is required to be able to buy the book from the Item Shop

The (**) Means that You recieve the book from Investing at the Town Officials/Palace

Tip for finding a specific book:

Press Ctrl + F and type in part of the book you are looking for

  •  Sword &knife
Where to find
Sword training - secrets6-8
Spanish Fleet (3 battle ship+1 big trading galleon)
Caribbean Sea, Antilles, San Juan water
Ultimate - sword training11-13

-Spanish Fleet ( 2 Vaisseau+ 2 battle Galleon)

-Swedish Privateer Fleet (4 heavy carrack)

-Caribbean Sea

-Baltic sea (ambush?)

Shamshir training- secrets8
Islamic Merchant Fleet
Red Sea, Arabian Sea
Ultimate- Shamshir training13
Islamic Empire FleetRed Sea, Arabian Sea
  •  Spear
Where to find
Spear training - secrets9
North Sea armed merchant fleetNorth sea (Outside Dover)
Ultimate - spear training13
black sails Viking (1 galleon+3 heavy galleon) Baltic sea (ambush?)
  •  Firearms
Where to find
Firearms enhancement14
Lv 54 NPC
Northern Hobart (Land battle)
  •  Staff
Where to find
Staff training - secrets8
Arab armed merchant fleet ( 4 xebec)
India West Coast 
Ultimate - staff training12-14
Ottoman navyRed sea
  •  Armour
Where to find
Fine armour - ornamenting15
Portuguese merchant fleetNorth sea, near Den Helder

*Not 100% correct

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