Quest chains

In this section a series of useful or fun adventure quest chains will be added. I have done most of them quite a long time ago, so the names come mainly from the japanese wikipedia and the names my differ a little bit from the original. You can also find the chains if you go to the Resources page -> Japanese wikipedia -> Adventure quests.

A short explanation of how it works: A chain can be really straigtforward with one quest following the other. However in some chains you need to start at 2 or more different points to do the pre-quests for later quests in the chain. I will explain with the first chain (the Excalibur one):
Part1 is the first part, but to do the second part of the chain (part 2), you need to first follow 2 small quest chains. So I called those Part1a and Part1b. They both have different starting quests. For part1a you also need to discover Stonehenge so that become part1a2. Everything clear?

Then enjoy them and if you want to know how to get an item or think it's a useful quest chain then please contact me or Tylon. Same if something is not clear.


Available chains at the moment are:

Vinland chain

Excalibur chain

Roland's Horne chain

Upcoming chains:

Those that are bound chain

Ring of the Nibelung chain

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