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Tower of Babel chain

Require discoveries (quests can all be found on the yviro database)


The Epic of Gilgamesh,

The Tower of Babel

“The “Little” Tower of Babel”

The Quest Chain

A bible for all

6 stars, Seville, Search r6, Theology r8, Greek


2x Scholar in Seville

3x Thomas Campanella in Naples

2x Scholar in Alexandria

1x Scholar in Athens

Search in the Archives of Athens

The Wall of Language

7 stars, Marseille, Spanish, French


4x Young Male Noble in Marseille (next to bank)

1x Barkeep in Marseille

1x Theologian in Marseille (church in the left corner)

3x Scholar in Seville

Next two quests can be done at the same time (which is recommended)

Code of Babylon

8 stars, Alexandria, Persian


3x Scholar in Naples

Talk to the Archaeologist in Basra

Origins of Old Testament Stories

5 stars, Seville, Recognition r9, Archaeology r11, Arabian


4x Scholar in Seville

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